Dear "I'm A Chemical Outlier",

Kosmogenic technicians transmute radiowaves through the coppered glass pipe work Cathode ray tube, liquid crystal display, light-emitting diode, organic light-emitting diode, gas plasma

Compute Fiend Ray

Compute Fiend Ray

Liquid Crystal, Thin Film Transistor Glass, Polarizer, Optic Sheets, Light Guide Plate, Reflector, Cover Bottom.

There's a continuous stream inside the enclosed room in question now. Secret surveillance adjusted microphone plants and two way high-low frequency domination sound surround. Alpha wave, feedback freq. waves controlled and monitored in a Blue-Silver 1988 Ford Econoline Club Wagon XL van parked in gravel tossed driveway.

The input feed is his output feed and before that our input feed, a continuous, randomly generated The equipment handled in the containment chamber with the irregular spongy purple floor is a second-hand account by none other than the most European throttle governor since Hull to Hawaii. They already knew that. A byfactors discernest triple truth was renegade pulsation silver play, and renege value. And then I'll write that in my diary of my favorite. But, second time it was incredulous faces from the diary splitting in the vanity mirror.

I need the baby fix My bandwidth location is high Tim McGraw is showing his new song I'm treating myself to some I'm a 40 year old teenager From nadir to zenith Straight from source You ever eat your make and model, meet your maker's model? "Nothing is lost. Nothing is forgotten. It was in the blood, the flesh, and now it is forever." Gotta let it out, the steam that forms in the skullcap born of media-form God. Here to digest at random points of interest and extricate consolation meaning. A tongue heroes speaking for unknown. Flavorized fabric sits to cover vessel.

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Dragonflies were around in Mosaic times, ergo construction of Buckminster patent pending their eyes. There's heart wheels to give love's unforgiving bitching a rest, now for sleep finally....

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Clean Laundry is on the menu Serving 3.4 billion subsidized Americans Brought you by Corporation Big Block Hemi And endorsed by your careful consideration toward eradadicating foul scent in all realms of meaning In a far-out landscape of Current Time: April 23, 2020, 1:30am A telexistence device is in Active Engagement Mode Of Being String (AEMOBS[pronoumced Amoebas]) To far too close distance of leftside person There is clean residence in the air surveillance system feedback microphonic stereo-room angel voice 2 skull psychic energy reflection and enter blackout psychosis, Zenderalocaine for a subtle stop to agency plan schemes.

The shells are hard to be broken to reach soft center What were we ingesting the past 20 years of our lives. You go through a mile of shit for golden spicket and cleansing aids of wizzydum. There is an Erzats-Wound in the back of my skull Conscience as clean as the food I radiate Reading "Oral Control" on a building sign Artist-mutant beyond gender, play and placate I drain myself quickly before taking two chance Instead sign me right in for sexual destroyer appeal Summerthing goodness is in the circumhappenstance Embrazen logos on tension-surface meditation Red-line 27508 reach dawn acrossed US nay-shun In the velvet swamp YOU WILL peek a frog lady talkin' high notes crawlin' in the mildew reezounding walls of a 1,440 minute pocket change laundro-mat. And YOU WILL reach for your Sea-Shell bedside rotary phone and answer to yur Neon High Gloss UV. Sweetheart ticklin her tricklin ivories with verbose disguise dream, utter enchantment under Cherry Moon escape scheme redux with a BITTER PITTER.


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That is above my paywall, so put me in my tomb with my paintings.

Non-relative functions of troof conjoin because the millenia says so. Quit assuming and start knowing your half.

Sunken ships seek hearths of warmth

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Non-relative functions of troof conjoin because the millenia says so. Quit assuming and start knowing your half.

. . . .

Alas, we are tried and true fugitives of the conscience fighting the proverbial brown bag. Love and prosper with lesser and fold under transparency. Being seen is good, Secrecy is fuckall.

Much much LOVE. Michael Mirror